Strategic Partnerships

At Astute CE we believe the best way to develop and deliver innovative, engaging, successful programs is through collaboration with the right partners. Current collaborators include:


Gauge Medical LLC is dedicated to improving medical publishing, training, and marketing with comprehensive digital strategies, interactive products, and compelling design. Founded in 2009 by Vincent Keane, the company uses quantitative and qualitative metrics to assess success and maximize the impact of its clients’ programs and promotions.


Shaw Science is specialized in developing highly sophisticated science stories for thought leaders, and reshaping the story to a level that is clearly understood by main stream specialists and primary care physicians.  With an in-house, award winning digital team that together with Astute works “arm in arm” to  develop innovative and high quality animations.





The Event Clinic has an excellent record within the meetings industry and a history of strong client and supplier relationships and is the preferred Astute partner for event organization and management outside the United States. Under supervision of Kay Rutherford, the Clinic has a proven track record in the organisation of international meetings and events (10 – 3,000 delegates) for the pharmaceutical industry.